Divorce Lawyers by the hour or flat fee?

You could pay a lawyer by the hour to represent you in your divorce. But, as you know, lawyers can be expensive. Further, if you are paying a lawyer by the hour, then it probably means you are fighting with your spouse. And that can take a long time, and be more expensive than people think. Another disadvantage to paying a lawyer by the hour is that costs are unpredictable.

Uncontested divorce for a flat fee

As an uncontested divorce lawyers in Virginia we handle dozens of uncontested divorces a year. In general, they are quick and affordable. And that’s because we can offer a flat fee to represent people in an uncontested divorce. That’s why we wrote the article, “Divorce: Fast and Affordable.”

We can offer a flat fee because uncontested divorces involve a fairly predictable amount of work. And that’s because they are by agreement. If you want an uncontested divorce in Virginia, it is important to agree on all aspects of the divorce.

If you are interested in an uncontested divorce,  We can generally quote you flat fee after asking a few questions. “FAQ: Flat-fee uncontested divorce in Virginia.”

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