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Our knowledgeable attorneys are available to answer questions regarding matters related to an uncontested divorce; matters such as support, custody, distribution of property, etc. Please contact our office to schedule your free telephone consultation with an attorney.

Separation and Property Settlement Agreements

We are experienced in Separation and Property Settlement Agreements. We understand that all situations are different so we will take the time to discuss all necessary issues that may arise in your case. Alternatively, your spouse may have another attorney prepare the Separation and Property Settlement Agreement in which case one of our attorneys will be able to review for you and advise you of any necessary changes. Our goal is to make sure our client is protected in any issues that may arise.

Preparation of Divorce Documents

We are also able to prepare documents necessary to begin the divorce proceeding as well as the documents to finalize the process. We prepare the Complaint for Divorce (on no-fault grounds), Waiver and Acceptance document for your spouse to sign, Affidavits, and the Final Divorce Decree along with the private addendum.

If you have a Separation and Property Settlement Agreement prepared by another attorney or a mediator we can still assist you with initiating the divorce proceedings.

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