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What Can I Expect at My Free Consultation With One of Virginia Family Law Center’s Divorce Lawyers?

Are you thinking about talking to a lawyer about a possible divorce?  During your free divorce consultation we will try to answer all of your questions about the divorce process in Virginia. We specifically aim to distinguish the simple uncontested divorce from a highly contested, expensive one, in plain English or Spanish. Some of your other questions may include:

How much will an uncontested divorce cost vs. a contested (or divorce argued in court) divorce?  

We’ll explain the pros and cons of both for your individual situation.

How long can I talk to the lawyer for free? 

We try to limit our free consultations to 30 minutes, however, we will make every effort to answer all of your questions and concerns even if the time runs over.

Will the information I provide be shared with my spouse?

All information disclosed to your lawyer is strictly confidential;  so there’s no need to fear being completely honest. You don’t want any false or undisclosed fact to come back to hurt you later in the course of your divorce. So, it’s very important to always be truthful in your responses to the questions the lawyer may ask you!  

What are the most important questions or issues to discuss during your consultation?


  • Be prepared to briefly discuss things that are very personal, such as your marital or family difficulties, and facts as to why you may be seeking a divorce.  It’s OK to express your feelings of anger, frustration and pain-that is a normal part of the process!  This will give your lawyer a good idea of your situation, and
  • Basic information about assets, debts and income should be discussed up front in order to give your lawyer an overview of your financial situation.  
  • If possible at the time of your appointment, make sure that you let the lawyer know what your goals are, and what you see as an ideal or acceptable outcome from the divorce. This, in large part, will let the lawyer focus on the best way to approach your case.  It’s OK not to know what you have or what you want immediately, but if you can be prepared with some of this information, you will get the most out of the free consultation.

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