Our attorneys are experienced professionals who will walk with you through the process so you can make a clean start. Our packages start as low as $899* for a simple divorce.

*Plus $96 court costs. Additional fees may apply for property/debts, custody and support.


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Uncontested Divorce Consultations are FREE
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Uncontested divorce in Virginia can be quick, efficient, low in cost and far less stressful than a contested divorce.

Congratulations!  The fact that you are reading this is a credit to you. You want to get your divorce case settled without litigation. We agree.

Anytime you can avoid the court process, save time, money and stress and still get a fair settlement, you are on the right track. We promise you this look at the uncontested divorce process in Virginia will not disappoint you.

We hope you enjoy it although nothing in this article is intended as legal advice and it is not a substitute for advice from an experienced Virginia divorce lawyer regarding your specific facts.

We’re sure that you are going to have questions. That’s normal. It would be strange if you didn’t. Our web site can help provide you with answers and also an overview our our firm and why you should request your free fast divorce consultation with our attorneys.

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Our clients are our priority, and we pride ourselves in providing professional service at a reasonable price for each client seeking a fast uncontested divorce in Virginia.

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    I am very thankful to VIRGINIA FAMILY LAW CENTER for helping me in my divorce case. Here are following qualities to appreciate about this law firm: Cheapest among others, fast services, quick responses and friendly behaviors

  • A.G.

    The Virginia Family Law Center handled my divorce in a very professional and timely manner. I really appreciate how the staff always explained everything in detail, providing legal expertise and excellent customer service. I was impressed and well represented by Ms. Carroll during my hearing! I would definitely contact the Virginia Family Law Center again and trust them with my legal matters!