How to Get a Fast and Affordable Uncontested Divorce in Virginia

Getting an uncontested divorce can be fast and affordable. And you can use a lawyer.

Here’s how it works:


Uncontested divorce is quick because it is by agreement. Fighting in court can take a long time. For example, even the most simple motion can take months to be heard. In contrast, in an uncontested divorce, instead of fighting about small issues, parties agree on all issues. With the process we use, our clients do not even have to come to court.

Affordable – with a flat fee

Uncontested divorce is affordable because you do not have to pay a lawyer for seemingly endless trips to court. For example, in a divorce where there is disagreement, a lawyer might have to got to court four or more times just for one motion filed with the court. And going to court doesn’t take just one hour – it can take half a day or longer.

With the process we use, we can offer a flat fee for an uncontested divorce in Virginia. This means that your costs in a divorce can be predictable – unlike hiring a lawyer to fight in court.

Starting an uncontested divorce

Starting an uncontested divorce in Virginia can be very easy.

Below is the most simple explanation of the process:

  1. Retain Virginia Family Law Center, PC for a flat fee
  2. Give us information (date of marriage; date of separation, birth dates, social security numbers, etc.)
  3. Review documents that we provide to you.
  4. Execute the documents with your spouse and a witness
  5. Send all the paperwork back to us, and we take care of the rest.

We get many calls from people who have heard that a divorce takes years, or six months, or something else. They talk to uncles, friends, cousins – they hear all sorts of things. The best thing to do is call Virginia Family Law Center, PC to make it as simple as possible.

Many of the divorces we handle take less than one month from our first contact with a client, to the day it is finalized by a court. Sure, some take longer. And some are quicker. The point is that an uncontested divorce can be quicker than you think and can help you move on with life.

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