In order to finalize any divorce, a judge must sign the Final Decree of Divorce, but you do not need to go to a trial or a court hearing. If nothing is contested, and all property has been divided, and your children are over 18 you can reach an agreement.

We can then prepare a formal Property Settlement Agreement that will be submitted with your divorce paperwork, and incorporated into the Final Divorce Decree. Once you and your spouse have signed a Property Settlement Agreement, and other documents Accepting Service of Process, there should be no need for a hearing. In most uncontested cases Virginia Family Law Center, P.C., submits all the divorce paperwork to the Court with written Affidavits from you and your witness. These Affidavits are simply used in lieu of testimony verifying that you and/or your spouse have complied with the residency requirements and separation periods. These are used instead of a formal court hearing.